my a/, b/, c/, look terrible in variable spaced font, they were 
prepared and sent in fixed font but the message I got back put 
them in variable spacing and so out of alignment.


Mark Peaty  CDES


Mark Peaty wrote:
> [Grin] I just found your question here John.
> As I see it, this term is an equivalent expression to my UMSITW 
> 'updating model of self in the world'. It entails a 
> self-referencing, iterative process.
> For humans there is something like at least three iterations 
> working in parallel and such that the 'output' of any of them 
> can become the 'input' of any other. Something like:

> a/ basic animal responses to the world -
> Senses---------->|  brain stem  |->|                |
> Senses---------->|   thalamus   |->|body motor image|->muscles
> proprioception-->|basal ganglia |->|   body image   |
> b/ high speed discrepancy checking -
> body motor image->|cerebellum|->muscles
> body sense image->| memory   |->body motor/pre motor image
> c/ multi-tasking, prioritising ["Global workspace"]
> frontal cortex-------><-|hippocampus|-><-multiple cortex
> brain stem, thalamus-><-| memory    |->body motor/pre motor image
> basal ganglia--------><-|           |-><-cerebellum

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