David Nyman wrote:
> On 25/06/07, *Russell Standish* <[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
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> RS:  The conscious entity that the computer implements would know about
> it. It is not imaginary to itself. And by choosing to interpret the
> computer's program in that way, rather than say a tortured backgammon
> playing program, we open a channel of communication with the
> consciousness it implements.
> DN:  .......you mean that if functionalism is true, then though any of 
> the myriad interpretations of the physics might possibly evoke an 
> observer world (although presumably most would be incoherent), only 
> interpretations we are able to 'interact with', precisely because of the 
> consistency of their externalised behaviour with us and our environment, 
> are relevant (causally or otherwise) *to us*.  And if this can be shown 
> to converge on a *unique* such interpretation for a given physical 
> system, in effect this would then satisfy my criterion of supervening on 
> *some* distinguishable or unique set of physical relations, even if we 
> couldn't say what it was. So this, then, would be the 'other mind' - and 
> from this perspective, all the other interpretations are 'imaginary' 
> *for us*.

If I understand you, I would agree with the clarification that this convergence 
has been performed by evolution; so that for us it is in the most part 
hardwired at birth.  And this hardwired interpretation of the world is 
something that co-evolved with sensory and manipulative organs.

Brent Meeker

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