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> TT:  This B-Universe looks exactly the same as A-Universe.
> DN:  IMO your thought experiment might as well stop right here.  No universe
> can "look" like anything to anyone except a participant in it - i.e. an
> 'observer' who is an embedded sub-structure of that universe. The "looking"
> that you refer to here is an illusory artefact of syntax - i.e. the relation
> is to an imaginative construct which in fact is part of A-Universe.  IOW
> this sort of 'existence' is a metaphor which is relative to *us*, not the
> self-relation of any realisable B-Universe.  What you describe as B-Universe
> "looking exactly the same" is really an implicit relation to an observer in
> *that* universe, and consequently that observer is already accepted as
> conscious.  Alternatively, it doesn't "look" like anything to anyone, and
> hence is by no stretch of the imagination "exactly the same".

We can imagine an external observer looking at two model universes A
and B side by side, interviewing their occupants.

Stathis Papaioannou

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