David Nyman skrev:
> You have however drawn our attention to something very interesting and 
> important IMO.  This concerns the necessary entailment of 'existence'.
1.  The relation 1+1=2 is always true.  It is true in all universes.  
Even if a universe does not contain any humans or any observers.  The 
truth of 1+1=2 is independent of all observers.

2.  If you have a set of rules and an initial condition, then there 
exist a universe with this set of rules and this initial condition.  
Because it is possible to compute a new situation from a situation, and 
from this new situation it is possible to compute another new situation, 
and this can be done for ever.  This unlimited set of situations will be 
a universe that exists independent of all humans and all observers.  
Noone needs to make these computations, the results of the computations 
will exist anyhow.

3.  All mathmatically possible universes exists, and they all exist in 
the same way.  Our universe is one of those possible universes.  Our 
universe exists independant of any humans or any observers.

4.  For us humans are the universes that contain observers more 
interesting.  But there is no qualitaive difference between universes 
with observers and universes without observers.  They all exist in the 
same way.  The GoL-universes (every initial condition will span a 
separate universe) exist in the same way as our universe.  But because 
we are humans, we are more intrested in universes with observers, and we 
are specially interested in our own universe.  But otherwise there is 
noting special with our universe.

Torgny Tholerus

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