David Nyman skrev:
> You're right, we must distinguish zombies.  The kind I have in mind
> are the kind that Torgny proposes, where 'everything is the same' as
> for a human, except that 'there's nothing it is like' to be such a
> person.  My key point is that this must become incoherent in the face
> of self-relativity.  My reasoning is that a claim for the 'existence'
> of something like Torgny's B-Universe is implicitly a claim for
> self-relative existence: i.e. independent of other causality, like the
> One.  When Torgny proposed the Game of Life as an example of 'another
> universe', I pointed out that GoL clearly doesn't possess independent
> existence: it's just a part of the A-Universe.
It is intresting to study the GoL-universe we can see on the Wikipedia 
page.  What will happen if we stop the program that shows this 
GoL-universe?  Will the GoL-universe stop to exist then?

No, the GoL-universe will not stop, it will continue for ever.  The 
rules for this GoL-universe makes it possible to compute all future 
situations.  It is this that is important.  This GoL-universe is not 
dependent of the A-Universe.  What we see when we look at the Wikipedia 
page is just a picture of a part of this GoL-universe.

Torgny Tholerus

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