David Nyman skrev:
> Consequently we can't 'interview' B-Universe objects.
It is true that we can not interview objects in B-Universe.  One object 
in one universe can not affect any object in some other universe.

But we can look at the objects in an other universe.  Just in the same 
way that we can look at a GoL-universe.  So we in the A-Universe can 
look at the objects in B-Universe, and see what they are doing.

One way to interview the objects in B-Universe is to do interviewing in 
the A-Universe.  If A-Torgny is interviewing A-David in the A-Universe, 
then B-Torgny will be interviewing B-David in the B-Universe.  Because 
everything that happens in A-Universe will also happen in B-Universe.  
All objects in A-Universe obey the laws of physics, and all objects in 
B-Universe obey the same laws, so the same things will happen in both 

Torgny Tholerus

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