Quentin Anciaux skrev:
>>  I claim that "our universe" is the result of a finite set of rules.  Just
>> as a GoL-universe is the result of a finite set of rules, so is our universe
>> the result of a set of rules.  But these rules are more complicated than the
>> GoL-rules...
> What are your "proofs" or set of evidences that our universe as it is
> is 1) resulting from a finite set of rules 2) by 1) computable.
There are two "proofs":

A)  Everything is finite.  So our universe must be the result from a 
finite set of rules.
B)  Occams razor.  Because we can explain everything in our universe 
from this finite set of rules, we don't need anything more complicated.
> If 2) is true what difference do you make between functionnaly
> equivalent model of your set of rules ? is it the same universe ?
Our universe has nothing to do with different models of our universe.  A 
model is more like a picture of our universe.  You can make a model of a 
GoL-universe with red balls, or you can make a model with black dots, 
but still there will hold the same relations in both these models.  It 
is the relations that are the important things.

Torgny Tholerus

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