Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Le 09-juil.-07, à 17:41, Torgny Tholerus a écrit :
>     Our universe is the result of some set of rules. The interesting
>     thing is to discover the specific rules that span our universe.
> Assuming comp, I don't find plausible that "our universe" can be the 
> result of some set of rules. Even without comp the "arithmetical 
> universe" or arithmetical truth (the "ONE" attached to the little Peano 
> Arithmetic Lobian machine) cannot be described by finite set of rules.

But it can be "the result of" a finite set of rules. Arithmetic results from 
Peano's axioms, but a complete description of arithmetic is impossible.

> The Universal Dovetailer Argument (UDA) shows that even a cup of coffee 
> is eventually described by the probabilistic interferences of an 
> infinity of computations occurring in the Universal deployment (UD*), 
> which by the way explains why we cannot really duplicate exactly any 
> piece of apparent matter (comp-no cloning).
> It is an open question if those theoretical interferences correspond to 
> the quantum one. Studying the difference between the comp interference 
> and the quantum interferences gives a way to measure experimentally the 
> degree of plausibility of comp.
> Bruno

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