Steven Smithee is not just a Black Belt Bayesian, but a Black Belt at
Keeping Track of Who Has Said What About Cool Topics in Web Pages that
are Linked To from Nowhere Else on the Internet. He pointed out
<>, where someone (Hal Finney, if we go
by 'whois') said:

> A final point: I strongly suspect that the biggest contribution to the 
> measure of observers (and observer-moments) like our own will arise from 
> programs which conceptually have two parts. The first part creates a universe 
> similar to the one we see where the observers evolve, and the second part 
> selects the observer for output. I have argued elsewhere that each part can 
> be relatively small compared to a program which was hard-wired to produce a 
> specific observer and had all the information necessary to do so. Small 
> programs have greater measure (occupy a greater fraction of possible input 
> strings) hence this would be the main source of measure for observers like us.

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