On Wed, Sep 19, 2007 at 12:10:33PM -0700, "Hal Finney" wrote:
> The lifetime formulation also captures the intuition many people have
> that consciousness should not "jump around" as observer moments are
> created in the various simulations and scenarios we imagine in our
> thought experiments. That was the conclusion I reached in the posting
> referenced above, that teleportation might in some sense "not work"
> even though someone walks out of the machine thousands of miles away
> who remembers walking into it. The measure of such a lifetime would be
> substantially less than that of a similar person who never teleports.
> Hal Finney

I note that you have identified yourself with the the ASSA camp in the
past (at least I say so in my book, so it must be true, right! :). What
you are proposing above is an anti-functionalist position. The question is
does functionalism necessarily imply RSSA, and antifunctionalism imply
the ASSA? ie, does this whole RSSA/ASSA debate turn on the question of

I wonder where this leaves Mallah, who admits to computationalism, yet
is died-in-the-wool ASSA?



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