Rolf writes:
> World-Index-Compression Postulate: The most probable way for the
> output of a random UTM program to be a single qualia, is through
> having a part of the program calculate a Universe, U, that is similar
> to the universe we currently are observing; and then having another
> part of the program search through the universe and pick out a
> substring by using an search algorithm SA(U) that tries to find a
> random sentient being in U and emit his qualia as the final output.

Yes, as you note later this is very similar to the concept I called
UD+ASSA or just UDASSA and described in a series of postings to this
list back in 2005. It was not original with me but actually was based
on an idea of Wei Dai, who founded this last way back in 1998. I was
working at one point on the site to bring the ideas together
but never finished it. I'm surprised that guy found it, I don't recall
mentioning that URL. Must have let it slip sometime!

You might enjoy this old post where I tried to work out in some plausible
detail the size of a program to output a mental state, or as you say a
quale, and came up with an answer in the 10s of kilobits, not far from
your estimate.


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