Le 15-sept.-07, à 15:25, Rolf Nelson a écrit :

> If I understand the Measure Problem correctly, we wonder why we find
> ourselves in a "Goldilocks Universe" of stars and galaxies rather than
> a simpler universe consisting solely of blackbody radiation, or a more
> complex, unpredictable Harry Potter universe.

This is the ASSA (Absolute Self Sample Assumption) version of the 
measure problem. In this case, physicalism *does* provide a solution 
under the form of QM, which explains well the rarity of *THIRD person 
white rabbits*, through the idea of Everett + decoherence. Alas, 
Everett has to postulate a computationalist theory of mind, which makes 
unavoidable the first and third person distinction, and which, by that 
way, introduces the *FIRST person white rabbits*, and those 1-rabbits 
are not a priori eliminated through the quantum interferences; unless 
you derive the quantum interference from the winning general 
computations in the deployement of the UD work (UD = Universal 
dovetailer, not Hal Finney's UD which is typical ASSA use of an 
*Universal Distribution* (closer two the second paper of Schmidhuber 
based on computable probability distribution than to anything related 
to the 1-3 distinction).
What QM do very well is to explain notion of 1-person plural from 
1-person through the division of subject (à-la Washington/Moscow) into 
division of population of subjects (by contagion of superpositions), by 
entangling the quantum histories. QM can do that thanks to its double 
linearity (linearity of the tensor product, and linearity of 
evolution). A priori comp should completely failed on that, but then 
what I have done is showing that the nuance brought by the 
incompleteness phenomenon, gives much room to doubt that comp is 
already refuted. But then again, we have to extract the double 
linearity from comp without postulating QM, if we want keep comp, or 
even just QM (without collapse).



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