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> Decisions require some value structure.  To get values from an ontology you'd 
> have to get around the Naturalistic fallacy.
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Decision theory has this same problem.  Decision theory doesn't
require values.  The preferences (values) are plugged in from outside
the theory.  Decision theory is merely a way of computing the best way
to achieve the desired outcomes.  It doesn't say what we should desire

Decision theory is too hard for me and too complex.  What I'm
suspecting is that it's not the final word.  I'm looking for a higher
level theory capable of deriving the results in decision theory
indirectly without me having to directly work them out.

My suspicion currently focuses on communication theory, knowledge
representation and data modelling (ontology).  Rather than 'getting
values out' I think values are most likely somehow implicitly built
into the structure of ontology itself.

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