Hi David,

I have almost finished the posts on the lobian machine I have promised. 
I have to make minor changes and to look a bit the spelling. I cannot 
do that this week, so I will send it next week. Thanks for your 
patience. I give you the plan, though, which I will actually also 
follow for the beginning (and the end) of the ULB-saturday course this 

1) Cantor's diagonal
2) Does the universal digital machine exist?
3) Lobian machines,  who and what are they?
4) The 1-person and the 3- machine.
5) Lobian machines' theology
6) Lobian machines' physics
7) Lobian machines' ethics

BTW, if some people are near Belgium, I have been invited for doing a 
talk on the UDA at a colloquium on "Logic and Reality" at Namur/Louvain 
in BELGIUM. The other talks seems quite interesting (too, if I may say 
:). Most will be done in english. Program and informations can be found 


Best regards to David, and all of you



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