I have touched on this subject before but the following is my current 
view of "Dark Energy"

In my approach a Something is on a quest for completeness within the 

Based on this, the following points can be made:

1) The number of current incompleteness sites for a given Something 
would be at least proportional to the surface area of its boundary 
with the rest of the Everything if not proportional to its volume.

2) Thus the larger [more information content] a Something is [has] 
the more such sites it has and the larger any given step in the quest can be.

3) This gives an increase in the average information influx as the 
quest progresses.

4) If the universe described by that Something has a maximum finite 
information packing density in its "space" then an accelerating 
increase in the size of that space should be "observed" since both 
the volume and surface area of a Something inside the Everything 
increases as the quest progresses.

  Hal Ruhl

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