On Apr 19, 10:42 am, "Telmo Menezes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >  But the gun would only fire if the atom did in fact decay. It would
> >  not fire in the branches where no decay was detected.
> I am not proposing that it is the firing of the gun that causes the
> entropy increase that compensates for the atom not decaying. What
> increases entropy is the initial setup of the all experimental
> apparatus (gun + geiger counter) plus operation and maintenance. The
> geiger counter needs energy to operate and the apparatus needs
> maintenance over larger periods of time.

I understand, Telmo. But you must admit that those branches that
experience no atomic decay exist whether the suicider bothers to kill
himself or not. Those branches exist even if the experiment is not set
up. This follows necessarily from the MWI. Pick any date in history
that you like. There must exist fluke branches that have experienced
unlikely histories since that time. The example I mentioned previously
was no atomic decay since January 1, 1900.
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