>  How would it work? The point of the suicider experiement is that the
>  suicider is able to prove to himself the reality of MWI by forcing
>  himself to experience only an absurdly low probability set of events.
>  Thus, he demonstrates to the few versions of himself who remain the
>  existence of fluke branches, and by extension the truth of the MWI.
>  Right, I agree that a universe in which entropy decreases
>  monotonically would be unlikely since it would only happen in those
>  exceedingly rare fluke branches. However, the point of the quantum
>  suicide experiment is to prove to the suicider the reality of the MWI
>  by verifying the existence of fluke branches, and by extension, all of
>  the other, more likely worlds as well. The suicider steps in for the
>  cat in the schrodinger experiment. The QTI suicide experiment simply
>  asks what its like for the cat, instead of the observers who open the
>  box. You can stay in that box for any length of time, and if MWI is
>  true, which implies the QTI, you won't die. this only works because we
>  are eliminating the consciousness of the observer in a great many more
>  branches.
>  But it isn't a healthy way to prove MWI in practice. "Don't try this
>  at home."  :)

I believe this thread started with an attempt do disprove MWI by
stating that the quantum suicider would violate the second law of
thermodynamics. Although I do believe that the MWI logically leads to
universes where the second law is violated and am fine with that, I'm
just proposing that in the case of the quantum suicider no violation
is observed at the macroscopic level. The macroscopic level is where
the second law makes sense anyway, because of its statistical nature.
I am prepared to agree that this is a pointless exercise because MWI
leads to second law violations anyway. :)

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