Hi Kory,

nicely put (the below), it captures my current metaphysical position 
quite accurately :-)


> Imagine again the mathematical description of Conway's Life applied to  
> the binary digits of PI. Somewhere within that description there may  
> be descriptions of beings who have built their own computers (which  
> would ultimately be made out of "gliders" and so on). In that mundane  
> sense, those beings "perform computations" and "implement programs"  
> within that world. Even if those beings accepted what I'm calling  
> Mathematical Physicalism, they could still talk about un-implemented  
> programs, but they'd just mean "unimplemented by us in this particular  
> world".
> The same goes for "existence" and "non-existence". As a Mathematical  
> Physicalist, I believe that "everything exists" (at least, everything  
> that's mathematically describable). But it's still convenient to say  
> things like "Unicorns don't exist", by which I just mean that they  
> (probably) don't exist in my particular world. (And by "my particular  
> world", I really mean the cloud of worlds represented by all my  
> possible future states and all my possible past states. And so on.)
> -- Kory

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