On 14 Nov 2008, at 18:43, Torgny Tholerus wrote:

> Bruno Marchal skrev:
>> For example, a zombie is just some entity which looks like you and  
>> me,
>> i.e. has all the appearance of a human, and who has no consciousness.
>> There is no *need* to make them a priori fundamentally material.  
>> Now a
>> materialist can and even should interpret this as a zombie in the
>> sense of Dennett, but the definition continues to make sense for a  
>> non
>> materialist, who for example just consider itself that physics is
>> implemented or emerge from something else. It shows that the notion  
>> of
>> zombie does not depend on the materialist or non materialist  
>> belief. A
>> zombie is just something NON conscious despite it has all the
>> appearance of a human like you and me (and thus is material for a
>> materialist, and immaterial for an immaterialist).
> If you want a concrete example of a zombie, you can just think of  
> me.  I
> am an entity that have all the appearance of a human, but I have no
> consciousness...

You are very *clever* ! (And I say this against my religion which  
forbids me to judge things like that).

And you may be a zombie, that would perhaps explain how you can be an  
ultrafinitist.  (joke?).

I hope you will follow the MGA thread. The opinion of a zombie could  
be appreciate (joke?).

Your last two posts were lovely. See if it is sufficiently new and if  
not collect and try to publish maybe.
(At least collect the ideas. Such logic are useful for the study of  
the perceptible field. With comp we have to retrieve them or similar   
from the Z and X logic/hypostasis. The diameter of the thick bord is  
related to the "ignorance hole" from which emerge the "parallel"  
computations/realities, as "seen" from inside. Sure it has to be not  
too sick for eliminating the rabbits. it could  also be related to the  
quantum h)



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