2008/11/15 Michael Rosefield <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Yeah, I think that was meat to be either short-sightedness, racketeering, or
> just an attempt to push his own reality in a certain direction on the
> character's part.
> For me, though, the thing about a stone implementing all possible
> computations is that you end up with no possible way of knowing whether
> you're in the 'stone reality' or some abstraction from it - you start off
> with physicalism and end up with some kind of neoplatonism. Of course, you
> could still argue that you need some kind of physical seed, but again what I
> take from this is that since you can perform as much abstraction on the
> substrate as you like, it doesn't matter how small it is - it can even be
> completely nothing. My simplistic version works like this:
> 'Nothing' := 'Something' -> 'Everything'

Just what I was saying!

Stathis Papaioannou

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