On 28 Jan 2009, at 18:07, Günther Greindl wrote:

> Bruno,
>> theoretical computer science and mathematical logic. Rereading
>> "Conscience et Mécanisme" I realize Russell Standish was right, and  
>> that
>> book should be translated in english because it contains an almost
>> complete (self-contained) explanation of logic (for the physicists),
>> including the historical foundations which are genuine, and a  
>> detailed
>> explanation of the measurement problem in quantum physics, for the
>> logicians. (beyong the most detailed account of the UD). It renders  
>> also
>> justice to all the contributors in the debate on Gödel (like  
>> Benacerraf,
>> Reinhardt, Webb, Wang, and many others). There are many
>> misunderstandings, which reminds me the book by Torkel Franzen ...
> I would certainly like to read the book - I managed a bit the Lille
> thesis (with my French), but it was hard going and I think I only
> understood the stuff because we have had many discussions here on the
> list - so it was easy to "translate". I am not so sure I can manage  
> the
> huge Bruxelles work, but I will try someday when I have more time :-))
> Maybe you can find a publisher who is prepared to translate the book
> into english?

Excellent idea.
For reason I don't want to bore you with, I am a bit stuck on those  
sort of issue.
But I am sure a good publishing could make rich the publisher :)

>> Also, it is hard to *believe* in the plausibility of the conclusion  
>> of
>> UDA without having a good understanding of Everett's Quantum  
>> Mechanics.
>> What could be a "good" introduction to Everett? ... Deutch' FOR book,
>> but also Albert's one, D'Espagnat, .....
> Of course, yes - I will include Albert and Deutsch on the references
> page concerning the UDA. Albert especially is good in his account of
> weird quantum experiments.

Perhaps not. It could give the wrong impression that QM is needed for  
the UDA.
Perhaps yes: Everett illustrates that physics has already the most  
startling comp feature.
I don't know.




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