>> Günther recommends recently the book "Eveything Must Go" by Ladyman  
>> et al. This looks like heavy going but seems like a good and a  
>> relevant tome to get into, possibly circling around the mechanist  
>> idea. Do you also recommend it?

The book does not concern the mechanist thesis, there is only one 
reference to Church.

Everett is given a whole section, but Ladyman et al. are agnostic as to 
it's application to the macroscopic world (that is, if there are 
macroscopic many worlds). But they are not hostile to the interpretation.

The book is good for getting a very informed overview of what current 
physics has to say for _metaphysics_ and philosophy of science. The 
authors sketch their variant of structural realism - it's good to read 
it if you still cling to the concept of "matter".


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