Hi Kim,

I didn't expect you to send the translation of the Amoeba's Secret  
(AS) on the list.  But it is OK, and you did a rather very good job.

For the other: "The Amoeba's Secret" is the book which has been  
ordered to me when I won the LE MONDE prize of the best thesis in  
1998. For obscure reasons (which I don't want to talk about) it has  
not been published, it is the only prize LE MONDE which has not been  
published. They were supposed to publish the thesis, but judging it to  
technical they asked me to describe the story of the thesis, despite  
they new it is a bit sad. But it t contains a good explanation of both  
UDA and its arithmetical translation AUDA (the interviex of the  
introspective universal machine) and where those ideas come from. That  
could help if only because it is far shorter than "Conscience et  
Mécanisme". You can see it as an enlarged joining post. In that book I  
am using the term "psychology" of machine instead of "theology", which  
despite its connotation is far more well suited, especially concerning  
the secret feature of the "amoeba's" discourse, and which basically  
concerns the corona G* minus G of the discourse of the self- 
referentially correct machine. The machine is mute on that, or assert  
those proposition in an interrogative way. It is the magic of comp: it  
gives you a logic of what is "true" (ASSUMING comp) but unprovable  
(ASSUMING comp and some amount of self-consistency).



On 28 Feb 2009, at 13:27, Kim Jones wrote:

> The Amoeba’s Secret
> by Bruno Marchal
> May 19 2000
> English version by K. Jones


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