Hi Bruno,
I feel your angst. The received view is a blunt and frightened beast, 
guarded by the ignorant and uncreative in wily protection of turf and 
co-conspirator. I recently did a powerpoint presentation called 
"rejection 101". It sounds like you have been through exactly what I 
have been through - except on a geological timescale that would tire a 
god. Although I am starting to make progress... I regard that progress 
to be achieved in spite of them, not because of their vision or 
knowledge. The science I thought I was going to find was full of those 
who frolic in ideas.... sadly I was mistaken. Now, when I think I have 
made progress - I know that progress to be mediated by the less than 
adequate  - and promulgated by momentum rather than incisive scrutiny- 
and it doesn't feel good.

see file *2008_Thu_23_Oct.pdf * in the googlegroups everythinglist file 

So Amoebas speak english now, eh? Excellent. :-)


m.a. wrote:
> *Bruno,*
> *           I've often wondered why neither Dr. Deutsch nor Alan 
> Forrester has commented on your theory of UDA and AUDA. I certainly 
> would be interested in their views. A theory that has execised some of 
> the best minds on this list for months on end certainly deserves 
> serious consideration. Best,*
>                                                         *martin a.*
> ** 
> ** 
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> > Even with politics operating behind the scene (which you have
> > hinted), I can't imagine that nothing of the work is publishable.
> I already discussed proposition of publishing "Conscience et 
> Mécanisme" with three publishers, before my thesis was judged not 
> receivable (meaning no private defense, nor public defense, I have 
> *never* met those who criticize, not even my work, but a product of 
> their imagination). Then silence, even after the defense in Lille, and 
> even more after the paradoxical price in Paris.
> I cannot explain. Or I can explain except that here reality is far 
> beyond fiction as usual, but also more sad, and rather delicate if 
> only because that story is not finished.
> My life is more unbelievable than any thing I assert in my works. It 
> took me 22 years to understand what happened in 1977, and since then.
> I feel responsible to let them build they own trap, and then  get 
> myself a bit worried seeing them to protect themselves from Brussels 
> to Paris!
> It is not because I have done an "original work" (say) in Brussels, 
> that I got problems there. It is because I got problems in Brussels 
> that I have done an original work. In 1977, they give me no chance, 
> not even getting out of Belgium.
> In 1994, my work was criticize vaguely as "not original", "too much 
> simple",  and then "delirious". And now already "not from him" in some 
> place. Which again shows the problems is not related with my findings, 
> except it belongs to the kind of things you can easily use to treat 
> you as a fool (Gödel's theorem, Quantum mechanics, consciousness: few 
> understand so it is easy to say "not serious").
> The little scandal has grown up all the time and is too big, now. It 
> is the kind of manipulation which makes everyone feel responsible, 
> from corporatist reflex to corporatist reflex, when actually there is 
> only one, very clever, but very bad,  guy.
> Now that "little scandal" has become big enough to throw light on 
> other really bigger scandals. There are "cadavres dans les placards", 
> as we say in French (corpses hidden in boxes). Mean of pressures.
> I still believe in academies, but like in School "serial killer" can 
> exist. When you see the time made by religious institution to protect 
> their member of their hierarchy from their much grave behavior, I 
> estimate it could take a long time if ever to understand and recognize 
> what happened.
> And I have no problem with serious academicians and scientists which 
> understand enough to understand it is "serious", even if probably 
> wrong, which I have myself never ceased to believe plausible (which 
> explains why I am eager to discuss the validity of the UDA steps, with 
> people interested). I did defend the work as PhD thesis. I was asked 
> many questions, I answered them and everyone got the idea. Some people 
> takes time, but most get enough to trust the interest of the work. 
> Still today, few get both UDA and AUDA.
> UDA is almost easy, but not so easy. AUDA is very *simple*, once you 
> understand enough standard logic (which I have discovered is 
> excessively rare). The whole thing is strongly interdisciplinary, and 
> between disciplines, rumors circulate more quickly than "scientific 
> bridge",  which often makes people feeling being aggressed on their 
> territories. Even more so when the work approaches question 
> traditionally qualified as "philosophical".
> My initial power comes from the fact that in 1977, I did abandoned, 
> for bad reasons (but it will take many years to understand that), the 
> idea of doing academic research, and so I did come back to the very 
> fundamental questioning I have always been living. I didn't and don't 
> complain (my weakness probably).
> And it is the Academy, 20 years later, which will push me back again, 
> and again. I have never submitted publications by myself. All have 
> been asked by people, having heard I said something new, sometimes 
> insisting gently. Nowadays, since those events, even ordered paper (or 
> jobs) get jeopardized quickly. Last year I was asked to write a paper 
> for a book in homage to the late logician Jean Ladrière, (who offered 
> to me its formidable book on Gödel theorems: Les limitations internes 
> des formalismes"), and then ... nothing again. I am used to it.
> Thanks for your interest,
> Bruno
> http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/~marchal/ <http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/%7Emarchal/>
> >

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