On 06/03/2009, at 11:24 PM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
> - Neither physicists nor logicians really knows about the mind-body  
> problem. So it is easy to make someone interested in consciousness  
> looking crazy: just say: this guy is interested on consciousness  
> (with a grin).
> Why does some people want me so much looking crazy? Well if I tell  
> you, I would myself find you insane to believe me. So I will not  
> even try.
> If you known Belgium recent story, you can imagine, and reality is  
> beyond what you can imagine.


last night I dreamt that my cat had divided itself into two cats. Both  
cats were clones and happily running about and interacting. I could  
see both and was discussing with some friends the puzzle of why only  
some people, like me could see the constant clonage of things living.  
During the dream I had the amazing perception that this was happening  
to all living objects and it was as logical and certain as anything  
perceived during the day with eyes wide open.

Also amazing - the "belief" that this is happening to macro (living)  
objects persisted in my brain for about a half an hour after I woke  
up. Clearly, translating into English your "amoebas" is having a  
profound effect on my unconscious mind.

This also highlights for me the mysterious nature of "belief". As you  
mention, early on in the thesis, we can believe no matter what falsity  
while we are asleep and dreaming. The occasional powerful dream like  
this one that penetrates the awake conscious mind shakes the very  
foundations of what we consider to be "reality".

What then, is the value of paying attention to the dreaming mind in  
this odyssey of "The Fabric of Consciousness" we are all hypnotized by  
at this time?

PS - expect to post to this thread an instalment of the continuation  
of the translation by tonight - am being extremely careful to get it  
dead right to avoid any ambiguities.


Kim Jones

People often confuse belief in a reality with belief in a
physical reality - Bruno Marchal




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