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On May 19, 7:37 pm, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:
> ....... UDA is an argument showing that the current  
> paradigmatic chain MATTER => CONSCIOUSNESS => NUMBER is reversed: with  
> comp I can explain too you in details (it is long) that the chain  
> should be NUMBER => CONSCIOUSNESS => MATTER. Some agree already that  
> it could be NUMBER => MATTER => CONSCIOUSNESS, and this indeed is more  
> locally obvious, yet I pretend that comp forces eventually the  
> complete reversal.

Do you have any reference where this is developed?
I try to be as close to facts as possible, and the most plausible
explanation for me, trough natural selection, is that consciousness is
a processing device made by natural selection as an adaptation to the
physical environment, social environment included.  So I support
matter-> consciousness. Dualism is the result of my subjective
experience, and my subjective experience is  the most objective fact
that I can reach.

I cannot support this Kantian notion consciousness -> matter.

The final words that I can say about the "hard problem" of
consciousness is that any conversation with a robot, with the self-
module that  I described in the previous post, will give answers about
qualia indistinguisable from the answers of any of you. He would
indeed doubt about if you are indeed robots and he is the only
conscious being on earth.  Just as any of you may think.

Its self module would not say "I perceive the green as green" because
he has this as an standard answer, like a fake Turing test program,
but because it can zoom in the details of every leaf, grass etc and
verify that the range of ligh frecuencies are in the range of
frequencias that  a computer programmer assigned  to green and a
trainer later told him to call it "green".  He even can have its own
philosophical theories about qualia, the self etc. He even may ask
himself about the origins of moral  and self determination, and even
all of this may force him to believe in God.  So we must conclude that
he have its own qualia and all the attributes of consciousness. in no
less degree  than I could believe in yours.
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