Bruno Marchal wrote:
> On 22 May 2009, at 18:25, Jason Resch wrote:
> ...
>> Do you believe if we create a computer in this physical
>> universe that it could be made conscious,
> But a computer is never conscious, nor is a brain. Only a person is  
> conscious, and a computer or a brain can only make it possible for a  
> person to be conscious relatively to another computer. So your  
> question is ambiguous.
> It is not my brain which is conscious, it is me who is conscious. 

By "me" do you mean some computation in Platonia?  I'm wondering what 
are the implications of your theory for creating "artificial" 
consciousness.  Since comp starts with the assumption that replacing 
one's brain with functionally  identical units (at some level of detail) 
will make no discernable difference in your experience, it entails that 
a computer that functionally replaces your brain is conscious (conscious 
of being you in fact).  So if I want to build a conscious robot from 
scratch, not by copying someone's brain, what must I do?


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