On 03 Jul 2009, at 19:07, Brent Meeker wrote:

> Right.  I have no problem with arithmetical possibilities,  
> provability,
> etc.  But without some defined scope the use of  "possible" makes me
> uneasy.  In modal logic "possible" and "necessary" are just operators
> that must be interpreted in some domain; just like "some" and "for  
> all".


> I've never seen "{" and "}" denoted "accolades" but I like it; they  
> are
> more commonly called "braces".   I don't know a specific term for "["
> and "]", I generally refer to them as "square brackets".

OK. I think "accolade" is kind of formal hug, but in french it is a  
"punctuation mark" see

So Accolade in fench is brace in english, I will try to remember, but  
if you like accolades ... Natural languages are living things and I am  
all for exchange of words between languages ...

Thanks for the info,



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