You overlooked the question at the bottom of the page that I tried 
unsuccessfully to work out. Brent supplied the answer but what I was looking 
for were the steps that lead up to the answer.   marty

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      a^n * a^(-m) = a^(n-m)

      Again, verify this on simple example of your own.

      OK:  If a=10   and n=3 and   m=4  Following the formula above    "a^n * 
a^(-m)"   ,I get as the first half of the equation:

      10^3 * 10/4 =  1000 x 2.5=  2500   but for the second half   "a^(n-m)    
I get:

      10^(n-m)=  10^ -1=  10/1

      which of course makes no sense at all.     Where did I go wrong?



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