I am indeed ready to pursue further and since we'll be covering 
both topics anyhow, I would prefer that you choose which would be the most 
natural next step for us.

              Also, I assume you have seen the following and I wondered if it 
tends to confirm UDA.

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  From: Bruno Marchal 
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  I ask to all those who told me they were happy that I pursue this little 
teaching further the following question.  Are you ready that I pursue? Are you 
ready that I introduce a few bit of "new" material. Sometimes (actually most of 
the time) new materials can shed new light on what has been already seen. 

  What do you prefer, that I continue with the sets (with the notion of 
couples, and then of cartesian products, and then of operation, relation, 
function, etc.)
  Or do you prefer I prove first that the square root of 2, you know, that 
number which multiplied by itself gives 2, is irrational (= does not belongs to 
Q, = is not a fraction,  = is not a periodic decimal). ?

  I am sure many of you already know this, but this is an typical impossibility 
result, and somehow the whole machine 'theology' is a collection of 
impossibility results, so the irrationality of the square root of 2 is a good 
introduction to such type of result. Also I will give you a typical example of 
non constructive proof base on the square root of two. (And for those 
interested in the quantum confirmation of comp, the square root of 2 is the 
amplitude coefficient leading to the probability 1/2, which is rather 
important, if only for examples again).

  It is really like most prefer. You can tell me: "do like you want", but I 
prefer to ask.



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