On 11 Nov 2009, at 19:52, Brent Meeker wrote:

> But how is the "first person point of view" defined?  Can this theory
> tell me how many persons exist at a given time?

I come back on this. The question "how many persons?" is a question  
which remains very hard in the mechanist theory.

To answer it, let me ask you a question. Suppose that old fashioned  
time travel is possible, and that Brent Meeker of the future decides  
to travel in the past, and to say hello to the younger Brent Meeker.  
They met in a kitchen and drink coffee. Nobody else is present in the  
kitchen. How many person are there in the kitchen? What would you say?

I think this: if you answer one, then I will tend to say that there is  
only one person in the multiverse, but it manifests itself in  
different overlapping contexts. If you answer "two", then I will tend  
to say that there are an infinity of persons in the multiverse.

What do you think?

Note that in UDA, I use a definition of first person which identify a  
person with its personal memory, and so where many different persons  
can exist.
But in AUDA, I use a more mathematical definition which eventually  
identify all persons. Then they can differentiate through a mixture of  
amnesia (they forget that they are the "universal person"), and  
personal memories (which they will use as self-identification means).




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