>> I am in a good mood and a bit picky :-) Do you know how many entries
>> google gave me upon entering
>> Theaetetical -marchal -bruno
> Well 144?
> Good way to find my papers on that. The pages refer quickly to this  
> list or the FOR list.

I am sorry for the delay, I've just got back from my vacation.

Hmm. The above written search should not return any references to your
papers/letters as the minus sign in front of your name asks for an

Given that it works as supposed google then gives only 1 hit in my
location (Sweden). That hit is a translation of the word "Theaetetical"
into some eastern characters. Thus, I end up with zero meaningful hits
and a feeling that you might be the only one using this word.

That makes me insists a little bit more (in a very polite way) that,
occasionally, your work is
 "difficult to read unless one is willing to undertake long
  discussions, clarifications and position adjustments."

I am writing this in a reference to your complains that sometimes you
have troubles to get enough relevant feedback to your work.

> I let those interested to meditate on two questions (N is {0, 1, 2, 3,  
> 4, ...}):
> 1) What is common between the set of all subsets of a set with n  
> elements, and the set of all finite sequences of "0" and "1" of length  
> n.
> 2) What is common between the set of all subsets of N, and the set of  
> all infinite sequences of "0" and "1".
> Just some (finite and infinite) bread for surviving the day :)

I am going to catch up with the thread ...


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