> Apparently it did not work. I am "bruno marchal" now!
> Please swish again!
> :)

No! I am Bruno Marchal! Pliz get me out of here :)

> Do you see the problem in the above exchange? It assumes there is some
> metaphysical "me" and "you" that can be conceptualised as flitting
> about from one body and mind to another. But such a notion seems to me
> absurd, meaningless, worse than wrong.

OK, I see your point. My answer implied the existence of an immaterial
agent that could be somehow "embedded" and reincarnated in different
brains and I accept that this is wrong.

But now I am almost completely lost - what do we mean by "switching",
if we got nothing to switch? Do you trying to make me see that the
question about switching has no sense? Does it implies that "what I am
me?" is incorrect and shouldn't be asked too?


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