Hi, I've been thinking about the political implications of TS. The
conclusions I've so far reached are quite pessimistic, but perhaps
they're realistic. I'm trying to come up with a detailed scenario, and
here are some starting points. All help is appreciated!

I believe control is one of the paramount issues considering the
politics of TS, and the unfolding of TS. There are many factors that
point to the need for increased control, surveillance and
authoritarian forms of rule, and I still believe these will spill over
to the digital domain. But I may be missing some important component.

-Interpersonal economic polarization is increasing. A threat from
below implies less democracy.
-TS is the biggest strategic issue of the 21st century. It can be seen
as the final race to global supremacy: if there are sufficient
computational resources available, then whoever will first achieve
brain digitization and emulation technologies will win the race, for
example by gaining a massive economic advantage, or by starting a
massive weapons research program.
-The huge potential for technological advance will fuel instability;
the major powers could attempt to resolve this by coming to an
agreement to create a global political organ to oversee all of digital
humanity. Rogue nations will be brought in line by economic or
military means. On the other hand, conflicts will likely remain
regional in scope, as
globalized capital won't tolerate a global conflagration.
-Digital communities can't simply be let loose. Previously most power
rested in the hands of an elite of analog humans, and they won't be
willing to relinquish their position so easily. The Luddite movement
will be exploited politically to this end. This will lead to strong
digital surveillance, a digital police force, and possibly STASI style
methods of enforcing control in the digital world.
-Such controls clearly impede productivity, which is another incentive
to establish global control over TS technologies. Otherwise some large
nation or power could hedge its bets, dispense with control and make
an alliance with a liberal digital community, achieving
a competitive advantage.
-Corporations will likely continue to increase their power. Strong
digital property rights will be established. Digital exploitation and
slavery will follow.
-Even more control is needed when most of analog humanity becomes
economically unviable: they will no longer be able to compete in wages
with digital humans. I have no idea how this question will be

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