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> > On 17 Sep, 18:52, Evgenii Rudnyi<use...@rudnyi.ru>  wrote:
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> >> The next citation by Robert B. Laughlin (Nobel laureate in
> >> physics) could be of interest here:
> >>http://blog.rudnyi.ru/2010/08/matter-and-little-ghosts.html
> >> "By the most important effect of phase organisation is to cause
> >> objects to exist. This point is subtle and easily overlooked, since
> >> we are accustomed to thinking about solidification in terms of
> >> packing of Newtonian spheres. Atoms are not Newtonian spheres,
> >> however, but ethereal quantum-mechanical entities lacking that most
> >> central of all properties of an object an identifiable position.
> >> This is why attempts to describe free atoms in Newtonian terms
> >> always result in nonsense statements such as their being neither
> >> here nor there but simultaneously everywhere. It is aggregation
> >> into large objects that makes a Newtonian description of the atoms
> >> meaningful, not the reverse. One might compare this phenomenon with
> >> a yet-to-be-filmed Stephen Spilberg movie in which a huge number of
> >> little ghosts lock arms and, in doing so, become corporeal."
> >> Evgenii
> > Physics may well be less reductionist than the reductionism of the
> > philosophers. But the reductionism of the philosophers still does not
> > entail elimination
> On the other hand, the philosophers should somehow relate their thoughts
> with the development in physics.
> By the way, about the water. The difference between H, O and H2O is in
> chemical bonds in H2O.

such bonds can be considered basic elements of reality, too

>Also one may not necessarily obtain H2O from H
> and O. It depends on temperature and pressure, if temperature is high
> enough then there are no water molecules anymore. There is some kinetics
> as well. Say diamond is thermodynamically unstable at normal conditions,
> but this fact does not influence the diamond prices
> http://www.diamondse.info/diamonds-price-index.asp

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