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Physicists have a tradition of putting mind and consciousness under
the rug,

Physicists have a tradition of not being psychologists
front of the 'hard consciousness problem', or the mind-body problem.

Indeed. Since Aristotle. Even more so since Christians burns those who
depart from the Dogma, and atheism blocks progress in a less hot but
as irrational way.


That wasn't at all what I meant.

I meant that consciousness isn't obviously a physics problem (although
is obviousy a psychology problem)

People who think consciousness is part of physics have presupposed
it is fundamental

When a physicists use a formula to predict an eclipse, he can "forget" for a while consciousness, but if the physicist want to predict that he will *see* an eclipse, he needs some form of supervenience. Now with classical mechanics, usually he will use (implicitly) the mind/ brain identity thesis, but this breaks down with quantum mechanics and digital mechanism.



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