Hi John,


thanks for the "I think"<G> in your text below - also: I cannot argue against your negative assessement about atheism - who IMO require a 'God" to deny. You know my shortcomings to equate physics with other domains of hearsay belief systems, like theology (as religion mainly). What I mean is a 'system' based on primitive misunderstandings of phenomena at a lower level epistemicly enriched explanatory attempt, at a very early age (way before the Greeks) that was "kept" as a basis and equipped by the newer epistemic additions over the eons of development up to our times now (and continued probably for the future). You add to that your "belief system" of the numerals as constituting 'our world' - if used in large enough sequences - what I do not address at this moment.

My point is technical. Mechanism and materialism are incompatible.

At any rate: it is a 'human' base for constituting a worldview.

It is a Löbian one. It concerns the aliens also, except those who are ultrafinitists.
I dont' identify myself more with humans than with Löbians.

We are not capable of more.

That could be John Mikes limitation.
I don't like to much Teilhard de Chardin but he said that we are not humans having spiritual experience, but we are sipiritual being having a human experience. That does resonate with Löbian machine's experience.

Our capabilities are restricted to absorb only parts of the totality and that. too, in ways how our PERSONAL thinking machine (brain?) adjusted them into its genetic buildup AND our personal experience- background, making it into a PERSONAL mini-solipsism, (expression from Hale) - also callable a perceived reality.

That's the first person views. But we can bet on other people and entities, and we can use logic to study the consequence of our hypotheses.

Partial, that is.


Since you slanted the 'mind-body' problem towards religious connotations(?), I turned to the Cartesian "body-soul" dualistic pair which was a result of Descartes's fear of the Inquisition.

I think so too.

Not finding reasonable that a short-"lived" body should impose 'eternal' judgements upon an 'eternal' soul,

Bodies make no judgement. Only our (eternal) soul do. That is not a religious belief, it is a theorem in mechanist theory (which may be correct or not, we will never *know*).

in such respect (at least in its effectiveness?) the 'body' extends the time-limit we assign to the contraption enclosed (spacially) into our 'skin' - what I find untrue as well. This may be done by questioning the precision of our 'time' (and arrow of it) concept as physics takes it into account more or less.

Physics come later. Plotinus is right: physics is the study of what God cannot control. The physical reality is the clothe of God when he look to itself. (images).

As someone who does not include the necessity of a "creator" or "god" into a worldview and claims agnostic ignorance about the much dicussed "origins" as well as the conclusions of physics-based conventional sciences and considers 'eternity' a timeless concept (maybe just an instant?)


furthermore the 'numerals' and math - as David Bohm said: a human invention, -

Ok for the numerals and humpan math. But not necessarily for the numbers. This does not makes sense in the mechanist theory (which might be wrong of course).

I have no proposal how to formulate answers to those 'burning' questions of 'everything'.

Just a thought that may be wrong, but could lead to further enlightening ideas if some smarter-than-me minds add their remarks to it.




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