On 1 Sep, 05:18, Rex Allen <rexallen31...@gmail.com> wrote:

> That these rules generate rational beliefs is a leap of faith, and can
> neither be refuted nor proven.

apart from noting the survival value of
rationality over irrationality

> If the underlying process *didn’t* cause us to present and believe
> rational arguments, there would be no way to detect this, since there
> is no way to step outside of the process’s control of one’s beliefs to
> independently verify the "reasonableness" of the beliefs it generates.
> A physicalist may be correct about the physical nature of reality, but
> if so, this is solely due to his improbable good luck in existing in a
> rare "honest" physical universe whose initial conditions and causal
> laws resulted in his holding true beliefs about his universe's initial
> conditions and causal laws.

He can only exist in a universe where he has a long evolutionary
history. Even under MWI the chances of such a complex being assembling
in a vaccuum are infinitessimal

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