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Wouldn't Pythagoras be more representative of a pure number reality than Plato? (Still lurking.)

Glad that you are still lurking :)

The platonists grants that they have a debt toward Pythagorus. The most "mathematician" among the platonists (like Xeusippe and those who wanted to ban Aristotle from the academy) are certainly generalizing Pythagorus' philosophy (all is number) in math and in physics (all is mathematical) or even theology. But after Plato, this is (wisely) seen as an open problem. With the neoplatonist, like Plotinus this pythagorean trends is certainly taken more seriously than with the middle platonists (between Plato and Plotinus, or Ammonius Saccas (Plotinus' teacher, but we lost his texts). There is an amazingly modern reflexion on Numbers among Plotinus treatises.

Note that Pythagorus has given the best and the worst in theology. The best: all is numbers. The worst: idolatry and superstitution. Most followers will do the same, giving 'religion' a bad name.



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