On 11/27/2010 11:21 AM, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:
on 27.11.2010 20:08 1Z said the following:

On Nov 27, 6:49 pm, Rex Allen<rexallen31...@gmail.com>  wrote:

Given that there are an infinite number of ways that your
information could be represented, how likely is it that your
experience really is caused by a biological brain?  Or even by a
representation of a biological brain?

Occam's razor: BIV, matrix and other sceptical scenarios are always
more complex, and therefore less likely than "things are the way they
seem to be"

Could you please tell what a hypothesis you consider as less complex?

As for Occam's razor. Let us consider the statement "The God has created everything". Is this more or less complex as compared with the modern scientific view?

It is more complex than, "Things originated naturally." If you try to fill in the details to the same degree in each you have to first fill in all the details of "Things originated naturally." and *then* all the details of how God decided on doing that and how He executed his plan.


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