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> So I would say that time exists within conscious experience, conscious
> experience doesn't exist within time.  All experiences that exist, do
> so eternally and timelessly.  

So  you say, but nothing is experienced *as* eternal

> > The thoughts of those life
> > forms is not likely to look like random snow, since that would not be useful
> > for their survival.
> The contents of thoughts and the survival of the thinker are caused by
> the same thing...the initial conditions and causal laws of the
> universe.
> The contents of thoughts do not cause the survival of the thinker.

They are a practical and high level description of the causes.
The existence of the trees does not disprove the forest

> Like 1Z, you're assigning causal power to abstractions that only exist
> "for you".

There is a difference between a high level description and a pure

> > If I start with thought as primitive, and try to
> > explain that thought under accidental idealism I can go no further.  While
> > it explains the existence of thought (by definition) it seems like an
> > intellectual dead end.
> It's an answer that doesn't generate any additional questions...so
> it's an "end" in that sense.

But so is any explanation that stops dead somewhere. However,
you object to that. You object to persuing an explanation back
N places only to stop dead -- except where N=0.

> So there can only be one ultimate answer:  there is no reason for the
> way things are.

OK. So why is the N=0 version better than the N>0 version?

> That's it.
> Supposed "answers" that introduce unexplained causal laws or entities
> are vulnerable to the same questions they were introduced to explain.
> What explains the order of our experiences?  Orderly causal laws!  But
> then what explains orderly causal laws?
> You just end up with infinite regress.  Or an unexplained first cause.

Your version of events is unexpected first cause where the cause
is identical to the effect.

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