On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 02:32:15PM -0800, Travis Garrett wrote:
> I am somewhat flabbergasted by Russell's response.  He says that he is
> "completely unimpressed" - uh, ok, fine - but then he completely
> ignores entire sections of the paper where I precisely address the
> issues he raises.  Going back to the abstract I say:

Sorry about that, but its a sad fact of life that if I don't get the
general gist of a paper by the time the introduction is over, or get
it wrong, I am unlikely to delve into the technical details unless a)
I'm especially interested (as in I need the results for something I'm
doing), or b) I'm reviewing the paper.

I guess I don't see why there's a problem to solve in why we observe
ourselves as being observers. It kind of follows as a truism. However,
there is a problem of why we observe ourselves at all, as opposed to
disorganised random information (the white rabbit problem) or simple
uninteresting information (the occam catastrophe problem).

I'm not sure you really address either of the latter two issues - you
seem to be assuming away white rabbits in restricting yourself to
"gauge invariant" information (which I assume can be formalised as the
set of programs of a universal machine). I would be interested to know
if your proposal could address the occam catastrophe issue though.



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