John Mikes wrote:
Hi, Colin,
I enjoyed your diatribe. (From time to time I accept some of your ideas and even include them into my ways of thinking - which may be a praise or a threat). Question: Could you briefly identify your usage of "science" - even "scientist"?

The following is the /measured, average/ generic behaviour which captures the basic common factors of scientific behaviour across all physical science disciplines:

/t_n /


The natural world in /< insert context>/ behaves as follows: /<insert behaviour>/



/t_0 /


The natural world in /< the context of a human being scientific about the natural world >/ behaves as follows: /< to create and manage the members of a set T of statements of type t_n , each of which is a statement predictive of a natural regularity in a specific context in the natural world external to and independent of the human arrived at through the process of critical argument and that in principle can be refuted through the process of experiencing evidence of the regularity>/



T =


{/t_0 /, /t_1 /, /t_2 /, ... ,/ t_n /, ... /t_N-1 /, /t_N /}



**The 'natural world' in this particular instance, is 'the scientist'. *This is a measurement, not a guess. You empirically sample human scientists and average across all sciences. /t_0 /is is what you get.*

Behaviour according to /t_0 / is fundamentally prevented from ever explaining and observer because it presupposes an observer. (that is 'experiencing evidence')

So, /t_0 / is what we actually do. What we _should do_ to explain an observer is a whole other area. It is the difference between the two activities that I spoke of in the original 'diatribe' . When does observation and criticism become diatribe? :-)


(sometimes I consider an 'average' (=multitude of) scientist succumbing to *_conventional _*ideas called 'scientific' and working within that conventional world-view we get in schools).
And thanks for mentioning religion.
Best regards John M

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