On 2/14/2011 5:03 PM, 1Z wrote:
This isn't true, is it?
>  So we have two particles (A and B) that are entangled.
>  Entanglement is never destroyed, it is only obscured by subsequent
>  interactions with the environment.
>  Particle A goes zooming off into outer space.
>  10 years later, Particle B becomes incorporated into my brain.
>  The next day, an alien scientist measures the entangled property on
>  Particle A.
>  This will have an immediate non-local effect on Particle B won't it?
Particle B was "observed" (einselected) by your brain first, so the
"action" is on
particle A

If the alien scientists measurement is more that one light-day away the events are spacelike and neither one is first (assuming of course that the particles have not lost coherence in the ten years).


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