On Apr 17, 11:32 pm, John Mikes <jami...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Rex, Evgeniy and List:
> Are we speaking about a mysterious 'free will' that is unrelated to the rest
> of the world and depends only "how we like it"? In my view our 'likings' and
> 'not' depend on the concerning experience and genetic built in our mentality
> (whatever THAT is composed of) in limitations of the perceived reality - the
> basis for our mini-solipsism. We cannot slip out of our shoes and 'like'
> something unrelated

We can gradually learn to  change our tastes over time.

- or, horribile dictu: opposing the stuff that
> penetrated our mindset.
> The idea of a Free Will was a good intimidating factor for religious
> punishment of sins, means to ensure the rule of the church over the
> gullible. Or for the courts in fault-finding.
> We are 'rpoducts' of the world around us, not independent 'gods' (Bruno's
> word).

Can't we be products of the world *and* our own choices?

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