On Mon, May 09, 2011 at 01:22:23AM -0400, Stephen Paul King wrote:
>     My point is that “the whole human history timeline” assumes the Newtonian 
> (Laplacean Demon) idea that all events are observable by some hypothetical 
> entity that is exterior to the universe (aka God). Do I need to knock that 
> rubbish pile over for you?
> Onward!
> Stephen
> .

It does assume a linear human history. But the argument can be
extended to be applied to any history, so transfers naturally to many
histories (worlds) interpretations, where different observers can observe
different histories. It can also be relativised - consider living in a
galactic-wide civilisation. Then one's birth rank is rather dependent
on the place and time of the ranker. But you can choose yourself as a
ranker, and expect yourself to be in the middle 90% (or whatever your
favourite confidence interval is) of consious entities born in that


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