Jost to introduce another point of view about consciousnees. The one
that I think its right:

According with evolutionary Psychology,  Consciousness evolved as an
adaptation to social life. Broadly specaking, non social animals are
unconscious and selfless. In social life, before self awareness, other
awareness evolved.  Other awareness is necessary to optimize
interactions with other members of the group. for this purpose, other-
awareness functionality idientiifies individuals and register past
interactions with each individual.

Wen social interactions were more sophisticated, self awareness
evolved as a response to others' other-awareness:  If other
individuals have a detail register of my behaviour, I can optimize my
interaction with them if I am aware of what the others expect from me.
For this purpose, I must be aware and I must register, whathever I do
that may affect to others.  So I may  unconsciously pick up a donut
from the refrigerator and not even notice it, but I´m well aware of it
when  I´m fatty and my wife is looking.

Self conscious supervision of our acts is not for free. it adds an
extra overload in the brain and in the way we do things that is
visible to others. If the other that is looking is very important for
us, we can experiment seizures. Conversely, the absence of self
awareness is experimented as flowing.

To complete the picture, I must say that the awareness of spiritual
beings that continuously supervise us is a further social instinct
that make use of the self supervision machinery. This avoid
machiavelic behaviours that may be deleterious for the group

Of course a machine can be designed to have such computational self
awareness, but the question of  if real self awareness is still open.

On Jul 1, 1:23 pm, selva kumar <> wrote:
> Is consciousness causally effective ?
> I found this question in previous threads,but I didn't find a answer.

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