On Jul 1, 4:23 pm, selva kumar <selvakr1...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Is consciousness causally effective ?
> I found this question in previous threads,but I didn't find a answer.

I believe consciousness is a monitoring system (aka awareness)

When our hand is moved obeying some computations,there is a ON-SCREEN
DISPLAY going on in the brain: " my hand is moving "

When we are learning something ,DISPLAY : "your are learning this and
this " and saves it with a lot of tags in it,so that when you learn
something new which includes a tagged word,it opens the old saved data
and updates it.
Without this monitoring and liaison system our brain stumbles.

And this monitoring system is acts only when the actions are related
to the cerebrum of the brain and not to cerebellum where primary motor
functions are saved.
This is why we are not concentrating on our speech while we are

Thus,in my belief, in the absence of this monitoring system,the
functions of cerebrum gets affected but not that of cerebellum.
Thats why we can speak even while we are asleep. so,casually effective
in case of cerebrum but not in case of cerebellum.

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