it makes so much sense.....

the doctrine of physicalism is in the least on the same plane as any
idealistic metaphysics, especially some form of objective idealism.
But in my eye… the fairer judgment is that some form of idealistic
metaphysics is in fact situated a step above physicalism in
probability and satisfactory of coherence.

I think our civilization has some surprises in store for it.
It is clear that our world culture and society and even
intelligentsia, is not very philosophically sophisticated or
spiritually deep…. It is the times in which we live, we think we are
at the end of history, but we may be just in the beginnings.

The problem is, no available methodology that I am aware of provides
us with the means to attain some kind of self-realization in an
objective idealism or idealistic metaphysics sense. Because obviously,
theory is not enough, theory is merely secondary and instrumental.

Critical barrier: we lack spiritual power.  We need tools, means, and
technical ability for spiritual power. We need to resurrect theurgy.

we need a union of east and west, ancient and modern, indigenous ways
and our ways, science and religion and philosophy. We need something

It doesn’t look like its to close around the corner…..

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