That's what a lot of philosophers have said.  I say, "Have at it!"  Let me
know what you come up with.

In theory one could formulate a rationalist system.... but that would of
course be ultimately unsatisfactory...

The theoretical level is just a means to an end and never an end in itself,
and if it has no grounding in reality, especially experiential-reality and
instantiation, then ultimately it is more or less useless.....

Some theoretical constructs can serve the purpose of pure expediency and
lenses through which to interact with the world and interpret it.... some
may serve to express or validate certain intuitions and seductive logical
possibilities.... others may be mere logical constructs that have -some-
substantial or persuasive basis but are ultimately unverifiable or
indemonstrable and outside of human experience..... others may serve to make
sense of things and resolve certain problems but don't ultimately prove

the only one that could possibly matter in this case would be one that is
derived from experience and is intrinsically "realizable" through a certain
and for that one would need a methodology....
it's not possible right now if it is even possible at all.

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